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Welcome to the Xtra Class service centre and congratulations on choosing to view this life changing centre. Your insight today will be well rewarded by your future success.

The importance of Education today cannot be over-emphasized. Apart from the fact that Mathematics is compulsory up to Grade 12, it is also a pre-requisite for admission to many University Faculties, Grade 10 Mathematics is an entrance for most technical Apprenticeships.

The opportunity to achieve your full potential at your own pace is one of the unique features offered by our tutors. A learner has to understand the basic concept of Mathematics to be able to progress with it, therefore Innovative and Extensive attention is given in the development of the Xtra-Class program to assist the learner to master these basic principles.

Mathematics today is never over rated since it is essential for the average career opportunities as is for the more distinguished paths.

To have a wider spectrum of career opportunities other subjects to are advantageous. A good command of the English language is essential as well as Sciences in the Medical fields, Accounting & Computer Studies is required in the Commercial sectors.

This modern well developed Centre has it all, it creates an era of hope for children.

Engineered by one Simple, Motivated and Remarkable individual who firmly innovated:

"Taking Education Beyond The Classroom"


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